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More about our vision

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The importance of light and air

No one can live without bright daylight and fresh air. Daylight helps us feel good, perform better and be more productive. Fresh air creates a pleasant indoor climate and ensures an efficient escape in the event of a fire. That‘s why we at Brakel see it as our task to bring light and air into buildings in an efficient manner. So that people can enjoy the benefits of the outdoors indoors as well. Whatever they do. Live, work, learn, recreate or recuperate in peace.

Inspired by the power of nature

Nature is the source of our inspiration. Our solutions are thus based on the natural elements of daylight and air. Elements that we bring indoors - because it‘s healthy. And the art is in bringing daylight and fresh air indoors in the right way. Our R&D team is therefore constantly looking for solutions, systems and products that are even more intelligent, effective and energy efficient. Functionality and sustainability go hand in hand in this context.

Working with market parties

To that end, we work closely with knowledge institutions, architects, contractors, project developers and clients. Together we create spaces in which people feel safe. Spaces that are healthy, comfortable and secure. But that are also nice to see. Because the beauty of a building contributes to the comfort, the safety and the welfare of the people inside.