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Brakel is certified for level 3 of the CO2 performance ladder

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Brakel is certified for level 3 of the CO2 performance ladder: an incentive for sustainable development

Sustainability is a social challenge that requires a lot of effort from businesses. The CO2 performance ladder has been developed as an incentive for that effort. This instrument encourages businesses that take part in tenders to act ‘CO2 consciously‘ in their own operations and in the execution of their own projects. Important aspects of this include energy efficiency, the efficient use of materials and the use of sustainable energy.

The CO2 performance ladder developed by ProRail has been used for tenders in the rail sector since 2009. When other contracting parties and other sectors saw the opportunities that the ladder offers, a new version was developed. The certification was transferred to the independent Foundation for Climate-Friendly Procurement and Business (‘SKAO‘ in Dutch) in March 2011.

The levels of the ladder

SKAO awards certification for the levels achieved on the performance ladder.

Government organisations and businesses use the CO2 performance ladder mainly for complex tender procedures. A higher score on the ladder is thus rewarded with a concrete advantage in the tendering process, in the form of a fictitious discount on the tender price.

The ladder has five levels*:

1 + 2 The company is aware of its own CO2emissions. This produces the company‘s ‘carbon footprint‘. 3. The company is actively trying to improve the situation with regard to its CO2 emissions and communicates this externally.
4. The company takes initiatives together with and for the sector and/or industry. 5. The company works actively with colleagues, knowledge institutions, social parties and governments to find ways to further reduce their emissions collectively.

*This is a summarised description of the levels. Please refer to the SKAO manual for full and accurate description.

Towards CO2-neutral construction

In 2011 Brakel was certified for level 3: confirmation of the contribution we make to protecting the natural environment. Examples of our efforts in this area include the Energy and CO2 Reduction Plan we implement and the active role we play in initiatives on climate change. Nevertheless, we‘re raising the bar again. By working with our clients and partners towards CO2-neutral construction, we hope to reach the highest level!