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C02 footprint

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The CO2 footprint is an internationally recognised measure for the emission of carbon dioxide.

What is CO2?

CO2 (= carbon dioxide) is a gas released during combustion that is harmful to the environment because it prevents sun beams from escaping when they bounce off the earth‘s surface, causing the earth to heat up.

How do we produce our CO2 ?

CO2 is released during different processes. A few examples:

  • When heating our offices and factory buildings with gas.  
  • Lease cars have combustion engines and burn petrol, gas or diesel.
  • Machines and aircons use electricity. Electricity is generated by power stations that use fuel.


At Brakel we believe that we can only succeed in reducing CO2 levels if everyone is aware of the waste that is discarded and the energy that is consumed - and that can be saved. The challenge therefore for all Brakel Atmos employees is to come with suggestions for this. This topic is also consistently communicated to staff by means of newsletters, TV screens and quarterly presentations.