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Who are we?

European market leader for over 40 years

Brakel has been market leader in the area of daylight access, fire safety and ventilation solutions for more than 40 years, with sales in both Europe and further afield. And we offer integral solutions for all kinds of building types comprising:

  • Daylight
    Skylights, rooflights, skylights and facades
  • Fire safety
    SHEV systems, fire alarm systems, detection, compartmentation 
  • Ventilation
    Natural ventilation, controlled natural ventilation
  • Maintenance
    SHEV and ventilation systems, fire alarm systems, glass constructions

Our vision: light and air for comfort and safety

Brakel sees it as its task to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable construction. As such, we firmly believe in using the natural elements of daylight and air to create functional and sustainable solutions for comfortable and safe indoor climates.
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Mission: the benefits of nature inside

Brakel has operated under the slogan ‘the benefits of nature inside‘ for many years. 
By bringing the best that nature has to offer indoors, Brakel endeavours as a company to make a meaningful contribution to the creation of fire-safe, comfortable and sustainable living climates for users of all kinds of buildings types; from assisted living and residential care homes, schools, shopping centres and stations to parking garages and industrial buildings.

Core values

  • Open communication
    Brakel communicates openly and honestly with its clients and partners. We show what we do and we do what we promise. 
  • Respect and commitment
    Brakel advises and realises customised solutions in close consultation with its clients and partners and on the basis of mutual respect. 
  • Safety
    Safety is second nature to Brakel Atmos:

    - fire safety in living environments
    - safety in the maintenance of building facades and roofs 

    - safety at work 
  • Sustainable
    Finding sustainable solutions for buildings, as well as handling business processes in an energy-conscious manner. This is what all our staff strive to achieve, day in day out.

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